About the Founders

Annemi Olivier: Founder and Chairman

Annemi OlivierAnnemi is a marketing executive with more than 20 years’ experience in the field. She specialises in marketing, communication, CRM, strategy & execution. She has headed up departments for well known corporates, worked as Crew Relationship Manager at South African Airways as well as being tasked with the responsibility for the strategic and corporate marketing portfolio at Vodacom where her team was awarded the CEO award.

Annemi has completed various degrees, including an Honours degree in Psychology with a main interest in Psychopathology, accompanied by a BA in Human Science, and is currently studying towards a Master’s in Business Leadership, specialising in the psychology of marketing and brands, through UNISA SBL.

Annemi is a Director at eQ. This company’s twin specialist fields allow her to combine her knowledge of marketing and communication with her passion for neuromarketing.


Werner van Zyl: Director of Innovation (Co-founder)

After completing his marketing and Honours in Marketing degrees at the University of Pretoria, Werner enrolled for an MBA from Regent University in the USA in 2010, while working for Heatlight – an alternative energy business in Pretoria specialising in the supply of solar geysers and heat pumps for large governmental projects. He is currently studying towards a psychology degree at the University of Pretoria.

Werner has presented various presentations on the topic of neuromarketing, psychology and the value it has in practice for businesses and individuals through his brand Neuromind Marketing. He as also consulted with various individuals on how to improve their sales tactics and decision-making.


Cheryl van der Merwe: Director of Communication (Co-founder)

Cheryl van der Merwe is a Director at eQ, a specialist marketing company that focuses on neuromarketing and online presence management.

Formerly Group Head: Marketing & Communications at the HASS Group, the leading hearing healthcare wholesaler and retailer in sub-Saharan Africa, Cheryl was also Managing Editor of CEO Magazine (Celebrating Excellence in Organisations), as well as its two highly successful annual publications – SA’s Most Influential Women in Business & Government, and SA’s Titans of Transformation.

Cheryl has interviewed top CEOs and government leaders in all industries, and specialises in discovering what makes a leader, business or project successful.

She holds a Bachelors degree in Communications from UNISA, a diploma in Fundamental Management Practice (Top Student 2007) from UNISA SBL, as well as numerous certificates and diplomas in related fields. She is currently completing her MBA through Open University in the UK.


Erik Du Plessis: Advisory Member

Erik du PlessisErik holds B.Com(Hons.), Marketing  and  B.Com(Hons.), Econometrics  degrees and  is the South African representative for Neuromarketing Science & Business Association (NMSBA).  Erik is a conference speaker and consultant on matters of the brain, emotions, advertising and brand strategy. He is an award winning author for  “The Advertised Mind” and  “The Branded Mind” and won the best paper award at the Annual South African Market Research Conference on three occasions. He is the Co-Editor of SA Marketing Magazine