A NEW Year for NEWromarketing (neuromarketing)

Well hello 2016! May this be a year filled with high dopamine levels (expectations), happiness (serotonin), social alliances (oxytocin) and a numbing of physical pain (endorphins). This is the second year of NMASA’s existence and we hope that you will share it with us.


Some of the things that we look forward to as we look into crystal ball nr. 2016:


  1. Blog posts. Your conversations keeps the neuromarketing industry on its toes and the debates flowing.


  1. Seminars/workshops/conferences. We are exploring the possibility of bringing our members and people of industry together so that the collaboration between industry leaders and our members can join the international conversation.


  1. NMSBA Conference. The NMSBA (the world ‘body’ for neuromarketing is holding their annual conference in Dubai in April this year. Every year there are major advances made in terms of research methods, software developments and cost reductions for hardware. The most important findings are shared at the conference.


Our memberships are steadily rising and we value your inputs and interest in neuromarketing!


Throughout last year we received a number of enquiries about potential careers in neuromarketing. The NMSBA has written a great article outlining what to study to start a career in neuromarketing and what to do to get yourself on the right track if you already started in that direction. Also keep a lookout on our ‘careers in neuromarketing’ page.

May your your rational/emotional decisions give you endless delight for a life worth living this year



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